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About Natalie

It's great to meet you. I am thrilled you landed on my website where I hope you find amazing resources available for you!

Below you can read more about me and get to know the real Nat.

I hope to personally meet you soon if I've not done so already!


I am a Certified Fitness Professional of 17 years, a Certified Nutrition Coach, and business BOSS.  I have been the exclusive fitness trainer for several successful weight loss programs loosely based from the NBC television show, The Biggest Loser.  I have been featured in local and regional media, highlighted in the Nutritional Express supplement catalog, and am a previous applicant for consideration in the television shows The Fat March, as well as the applicant in consideration for the Fitness Trainer for the Dr. Phil Weight Loss Segment.  I am super proud to be featured in the National Magazine FIRST for Women with distribution to 4.5 Million. 

Weekly I am a contributing editor for the Health and Fitness section for the city newspaper.
Earning the prestigious Master of Fitness Sciences Certification based on my ability to step outside of the typical ‘trainer box’ assisting those not currently comfortable in a gym environment. 
I am one of 65 Master Trainers selected out of 115,000 Certified Trainers within my accrediting certification company to earn this credential.  

And the list could totally go on!

But to really sum all of this up......


I'm a bit of a hard-ass, an extreme BOSS Babe.......

DO THE SHIT you say you're going to

do and chase your bigger dreams! 


YOU are responsible for your life.

When you want someone to tell you like it is, I'm your girl!

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